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Seamless integration with your Ford Vehicles

Getting our telematics or data solutions up and running couldn’t be simpler. Whether you retrofit Ford plug-in devices, or we install modems directly from the factory, your fleet will benefit from dedicated hardware that’s been engineered specifically for your Ford vehicles.

Ford Plug In Device

Ford Plug-In Modem kit

Our new Ford Plug-In Modem kit is specifically engineered for most Ford vehicles back to 2015 model year. Using our unique in-depth engineering knowledge of your vehicles, this sophisticated device is designed to work seamlessly with the Ford vehicles you depend on everyday. Combined with our investment in cloud technology, this rich data is used to provide you with end-to-end telematics and data solutions direct from Ford. For more information or to confirm vehicle compatibility, please contact the Business Assistance Center at (833) 803-3673 or

Integrated modem technology

Moving forward, our new vehicles are starting to be factory-fitted with a Ford-engineered modem. This new modem will enable your vehicles to connect seamlessly with our platform without the need for an aftermarket plug-in device. Our factory-fitted modems are integrated deep into the architecture of our vehicles, enabling us to engineer the vehicle, the data signals and the modem in tandem to maximize the depth and breadth of data we can use to develop new solutions for you. This ecosystem, along with our cloud technology, will also continuously evolve to ensure that we can offer you the very latest integrated solutions with your new vehicles. 

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