Ford Commercial Solutions Telematics Software

Ford Telematics™

Fleet management software from Ford

Optimizing your fleet to help your operation run more efficiently.

✓  Monitor your fleet with GPS tracking and geofencing on a live map.

✓  Get live vehicle health alerts to help you plan ahead.

✓  Set reminders so you never miss a service or inspection.

✓  Monitor your vehicles’ fuel usage to help reduce costs.

✓  Understand driver behavior and help improve safety.

Ford Commercial Solutions Telematics Software

Uptime and
productivity tools.

✓  Proactive vehicle notifications

✓  Configurable service alerts

✓  Manage maintenance workflows

Efficiency and
effectiveness insights.

✓  Smart dashboards

✓  Solutions focused on fleet needs

✓  Spend less time managing your vehicles

Simple to use.
Easy to implement.

✓  Seamless vehicle integration

✓  Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

✓  Configurable to suit your needs

How does it work?

Your vehicles produce informative data from each journey. This data, driven through Ford Telematics, helps you effortlessly monitor your vehicles to understand where they go, how they’re used and how well they’re running. These actionable insights can give you more time to focus on your business.

Telematics App diagram

Key benefits

Ford Map Icon

Improve asset utilization

Keep track of the vehicles in your fleet with GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities. Knowing exactly where all vehicles are at all times helps you identify which driver is closest to the next call, plan more effectively and get the most out of your team.

Ford Vehicle Availability Icon

Maximize your vehicle availability

You can receive proactive notifications and vehicle health alerts allowing you to plan ahead and stay ahead.  Workflow tools will help you schedule services well in advance, avoid costly, unexpected repairs, and reduce disruption to your operation.

Ford Fuel Icon

Optimize your running costs

Minimizing waste is crucial to every business. You can monitor the fuel consumption of all your vehicles and identify not only areas of waste but also their causes.

Ford Protect Icon

Protect your fleet

Manage your fleet and driver compliance every day. You can receive a range of notifications, including advance service reminders, or a warning if a driver or front seat passenger isn’t wearing their seatbelt. This helps you act quickly, and protect your staff, your vehicles and your operation.

Ford Environment Icon

Think about the environment

The Ford range of hybrid and electric vehicles is developing and growing rapidly. And our telematics solutions evolve in tandem to help you maximize the benefits of an electric fleet.

Ford Driver Behaviour Icon

Improve driver behavior

Your drivers play a key role in your operation. Ford Telematics provides valuable insights into driver behavior; informing you of coaching opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve compliance.

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